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Technology is continually infiltrating more and more corners of our lives. It’s no longer necessary to hold an actual book in your hand to read it, photo albums tend to be located in a file on your computer rather than sitting on your shelf, and saying hello means typing a quick text message rather than taking pen to paper. Convenient? It is. But there is something intangible about turning the page of a good book, sitting on the couch with a photo album reminiscing or going to the mailbox and pulling out an envelope with a card holding a hand-written message inside.

As a child my favorite part of school was when the teacher pulled out the art supplies. Color, texture and composition still catches my eye. After having my daughter I was introduced to scrapbooking and stamping which reinvigorated my love affair with paper. My scrapbooks allow you the opportunity to weave your personal story with photos as well as your own words. My hope is that my greeting cards will make you smile or laugh and that you’ll then share that with someone you care about. My intention is that the labor of love that I put into my handcrafted scrapbooks and greeting cards will be shared with you and your loved ones. 

The name, Elves in the Attic, was inspired by the story of the elves and the shoemaker. In the story business isn’t going well for the kind, but poor shoemaker. Finally one night he lays down his last few pieces of leather on his workbench and goes to bed. The next morning he comes into the shop and finds a magnificent pair of shoes mysteriously sitting where the leather had been. This continues to happen each night until he becomes wealthy from shoe sales. One night he decides to hide to see who is responsible for the good deeds and discovers some naked-as-jaybirds elves. His wife whips up some custom elf-sized clothes and the next night he leaves them out on the workbench. The elves dance with joy and, grateful for the shoemaker’s kindness, endow him with good luck for the rest of his days. Thinking about my shop I envision little elves searching through an attic and happening upon boxes of forgotten photos and knick knacks. They cut, clip and glue until these treasures have been transformed into beautiful scrapbooks, cards and what-nots.

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Mom to 3, wife to 1, I try to find time between my preschool teacher job and hockey, soccer and baseball practices to play with my paper and scissors. 

My items are born in my studiolet (aka a tiny room in my home). Some might say that I work in chaos, but I like to think that it just stokes my 




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